The company INFOKOSTE BEASAIN SL, with CIF B20961140, domiciled in Iturrioz 6 under, Gipuzkoa Beasain 20200, hereinafter the seller and you, on behalf of the holder or representation which is registered in the buyer later www.elmercadodedominios.comen We mutually recognize legal capacity to make the sale and the purchase by you of the domain / s indicated in your order.
The seller owns the domain / s you have requested you and is hosted on hosting and owned or contracted for the purpose.
The buyer wants to buy that domain / s and the seller wants to sell at the price indicated on the website and confirmed on the buyer's order, being according to the buyer. Accordingly the parties agree to consider this act as a contract of sale.
At the sale price are including taxes and force in Spain, on the date of purchase. If the buyer was exempted, the exemption applies.
Payment is made by the means proposed to place the order and shall be valid from the time when the money is actually in the seller's account.
The seller, from the collection, is obliged to make the transfer of the domain / s to the buyer. The seller will contact within (maximum) three working days with the buyer to begin the process of transfer. From there the final transfer deadlines depend on registrars and agility documentation exchange parties, however the seller guarantees that never exceed quinces days to complete the formalities covered by their insurance. The buyer shall pay any expenses resulting from the formalities and transfer to your own server or hosting.
From the moment when the buyer takes possession of the domain / s will be responsible for the use and to pay any fee or cost that is generated on. The buyer expressly disclaims any liability to the seller for the content of pages included in the domain / s.
Buyer acknowledges that the rules governing the Registrar under which the domain is registered, collected in the Terms and Conditions of Registration and fully accept them, so that the uses that are allowed to the buyer will be collected in said rules and conditions imposed therein.
The seller agrees to maintain the confidentiality of data ownership and new buyer, if so expressly by the purchaser.
If the seller can not make the transfer of title to the purchaser agrees to return in three days maximum, the amounts paid to the buyer in the same way they have been charged.
Specifically for every few discrepancies may arise in the interpretation, application or fulfillment of this purchase and sale, the parties agree to abide by the laws of Spain, submitting to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Tolosa (Gipuzkoa) expressly waive any jurisdiction or special jurisdiction that may correspond.
Continue the sale implies acceptance of all terms of service here indicated.